The Seder Table

I can honestly say I don’t like setting the seder table. There’s just too much stuff and I forget something every year. One year it was roasting the beitzah, which was very upsetting, but the seder started Saturday night so I couldn’t roast the egg on Shabbat and ended up putting a raw egg on the seder plate. I’m always adding stuff too, in an attempt to streamline the seder. I hate waiting for someone to pass the wine… four times! I added individual decanters last year, and this year individual salt water cups. They all help, although attempting to have kids at our adult seder is just not working for me. Next year, I’m planning a kiddie seder before the holiday starts!

My mom loaned me her “people” as a centerpiece, which are fun to set up, so that’s something! I also did a fun project with Eitan using a paint palette and some stickers to make a little seder plate for him!

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