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    A Place for Our Car

    Early in our house-hunting adventures, one question we never thought to ask was “does our car fit in the garage?” Even if you’ve never seen our car – who we call “Jaws”…

  • DIY

    Home Depot

    One of the last questions we received from our home’s previous owner before switching hands was whether or not we wanted to keep the old metal bench in the basement. Rich’s response,…

  • DIY

    The Basement Aquatic

    The original stairs to the basement were kind of an enigma to us. First, who thought nailing, screwing, and glueing (yes, all three) an extra large series of custom shelving to the wall…

  • DIY

    We’ve got gas!

    Gas leaks. Big bills. Democracy gone awry. It’s been a tough week. Fortunately, our heating system is once again running smoothly and safely. Let’s start at the beginning. We knew we wanted to upgrade our…

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