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One of the last questions we received from our home’s previous owner before switching hands was whether or not we wanted to keep the old metal bench in the basement. Rich’s response, unsurprisingly, was to toss it with everything else not bolted to the wall. Hannah, fortunately, was much more thoughtful. It might be nice to have somewhere to place our tools one day. It’s been almost two years and that decision has paid off in dividends.

Today, the metal workbench that could acts as the cornerstone of our rejuvenated workshop. After gaining a massive amount of space thanks to last year’s boiler upgrade, we were able to relocate the bench to a more accessible wall, leaving us space to store all of our excess wood, pipe, and drywall. And after a few years of projects, we’ve got a lot of that. A new coat of paint didn’t hurt the situation either.

Across the room, we’ve removed a series of cedar boards and plywood that, at one time, must have held a collection of tools. We can tell because the paint was stained where the tools used to be! Not only was the plywood held up with no less than 100 screws, nails, and various other anchors, the underlying structure of the “wall” had been constructed at a 90 degree offset versus typical studs. This caused issues with our solution: pegboard, pegboard everywhere. While the walls were down, Rich also extended our electrical options with new outlets, tying into a new circuit and lighting system provided by professionals hired the previous summer.

But we weren’t done there. One common theme across all of our projects has been declutter. After having moved our laundry room up to the first floor, our basement entrance was starting to look a little bare. Meanwhile, in the main storage area, tools were starting to build up. The answer was obvious. More pegboard! After much research, we decided to pick up a large pack of Talon Hooks, which contained everything we needed to store tools big and small. It took some planning to get the spacing right, but we think the end result looks fantastic.

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