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  • DIY

    All Systems Go

    In my most nasal Seinfeld impression, I have to ask: “what’s the deal with mini split thermostats?” Before the birth of our son, we decided that our 1948 house needed air conditioning.…

  • DIY

    Eitan’s Room

    We have a baby!! The first exclamation point is sincere. The second is because someone might actually read this post. If you had asked me to write this a few weeks ago,…

  • DIY

    Studio 95

    Straight out of the forties – and then “renovated” in the era of disco – our one and only full bath left quite a few things to be desired. Contractors swooned over the…

  • DIY

    Stairway to Heaven

    Our first challenge upon when walking into our new home was this absolutely foul no-longer-white carpet over our Cape Cod’s signature staircase. Our three year old nephew deemed it “soft” with an air…

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