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    Hurray for Challah!

    I like to make my own challah and (BC*) I used to a lot. The problem was, it never really worked for me. The yeast kind-of bubbled in the warm water. The…

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    Purim 2022/5782

    I’m posting this after Passover, which shows how crazy life has been. I so enjoyed designing these mishloach manot, however, that I wanted to be sure they were documented! I chose a…

  • Food

    Maple Tartlets

    In September, I was already sick of apple desserts. This is not a good sign when you live in New England. Everyone is supposed to be picking, eating, baking, or canning apples…

  • Food

    Vegetable Feta Pie

    I love one pot meals. I love dairy meals, where I can get everything on PeaPod. I love puff pastry. I’ve been on the lookout for puff pastry recipes ever since I…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Multitasking Shabbat Cooking

    I love winter Shabbatot. I love starting Shabbat by playing with Eitan and not cooking at the last minute. That is because I don’t have time to cook and everything has to…

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    I hate throwing away my lulav and etrog. It always seems so wasteful and sad. Almost an acknowledgement that fall is over and winter is coming. Of course, because the holidays are…

  • Arts & Crafts, Celebrations, Food

    Rosh Hashanah Table

    I’ve been planning this tablescape for a long time. I wanted to do a honey theme, but nothing too obvious. Everyone on Pinterest is using this theme for children’s birthday parties, and…

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