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A Grownup Birthday Party

It is so hard to plan an adult birthday party! Kids birthday parties are so easy and fun. Choose and theme and go to town! But what kind-of theme can you choose for an adult? Gray hair? False teeth?

My parents’ birthdays are 5 days apart so I typically plan one party for both of them. This year they turned 69 and 71, so no very special birthdays that required an individual party. I decided to go with the combination birthday idea and made an invite that was pink on one side (for my mom) and black on the other (for my dad). I must admit that experimenting with my new Cricut pushed this along.

I knew I wanted black and white anemones to go with the “opposites” theme and got a beautiful bunch of flowers from FiftyFlowers, who I totally recommend. It was so fun arranging them too!

The food was similarly themed, and I even got a little pink in there by making smoked salmon dip in phyllo cups. And of course, for dessert, we had black and white cookies. These were incredibly annoying to make and not as pretty as the ones in the bakery, but much more delicious. I can’t say I wouldn’t go the bakery-route next time, though.

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