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    Eitan’s Room

    We have a baby!! The first exclamation point is sincere. The second is because someone might actually read this post. If you had asked me to write this a few weeks ago,…

  • DIY

    The Seat is Alive

    From the very beginning of our mudroom renovation project, we knew that our final flourish was going to be tricky. Through intense planning early in the design phase, a little space was…

  • DIY

    A Place for Our Car

    Early in our house-hunting adventures, one question we never thought to ask was “does our car fit in the garage?” Even if you’ve never seen our car – who we call “Jaws”…

  • DIY

    Auntie Hannah’s Magical Shed

    One of the first things you need to do as a homeowner is obtain insurance for your new home. Before finalizing your premium, some carriers like to perform a survey of your…

  • DIY

    Home Depot

    One of the last questions we received from our home’s previous owner before switching hands was whether or not we wanted to keep the old metal bench in the basement. Rich’s response,…

  • DIY

    The Clean Room

    The final piece has fallen into place. Late last month, Baird Brothers delivered two hundred pounds of wood to our front door. On top lay the behemoth 127 inch maple top destined for our…

  • DIY

    Stairway to Heaven

    Our first challenge upon when walking into our new home was this absolutely foul no-longer-white carpet over our Cape Cod’s signature staircase. Our three year old nephew deemed it “soft” with an air…

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