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  • DIY

    New Art for Eitan’s Room

    I saw some artwork and absolutely fell in love with the idea, but not the price. I also wanted the colors to be slightly different. Eitan has requested a blue room after…

  • Celebrations, DIY

    Sukkot 5792

    I made a lot of progress on our Sukkah last year, primarily because we replaced the brown tarps with custom-sewn white cloth walls (a gift from my parents). This year, I wanted…

  • Celebrations, DIY, Food

    Rosh Hashanah Table

    I’ve been planning this tablescape for a long time. I wanted to do a honey theme, but nothing too obvious. Everyone on Pinterest is using this theme for children’s birthday parties, and…

  • DIY, Food

    Mishloach Manot 2021

    I decided to go all out on mishloach manot this year, since it was one thing I could do during Covid to celebrate Purim. My mom found a Baby Yoda hat for…

  • DIY

    Eitan’s Room

    We have a baby!! The first exclamation point is sincere. The second is because someone might actually read this post. If you had asked me to write this a few weeks ago,…

  • DIY

    The Seat is Alive

    From the very beginning of our mudroom renovation project, we knew that our final flourish was going to be tricky. Through intense planning early in the design phase, a little space was…

  • DIY

    A Clean Slate

    At the entrance to our home sits a patchwork of tile that, until today, was in desperate need of some TLC. Quite possibly an original tenant of our 1948 residence, the grout of…

  • DIY

    A Place for Our Car

    Early in our house-hunting adventures, one question we never thought to ask was “does our car fit in the garage?” Even if you’ve never seen our car – who we call “Jaws”…

  • DIY

    Auntie Hannah’s Magical Shed

    One of the first things you need to do as a homeowner is obtain insurance for your new home. Before finalizing your premium, some carriers like to perform a survey of your…

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