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  • Celebrations, Food

    A grownup birthday party

    It is so hard to plan an adult birthday party! Kids birthday parties are so easy and fun. Choose and theme and go to town! But what kind-of theme can you choose…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Purim 2022/5782

    I’m posting this after Passover, which shows how crazy life has been. I so enjoyed designing these mishloach manot, however, that I wanted to be sure they were documented! I chose a…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Multitasking Shabbat Cooking

    I love winter Shabbatot. I love starting Shabbat by playing with Eitan and not cooking at the last minute. That is because I don’t have time to cook and everything has to…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Chanukah: Presents and Food

    Chanukah is about so much more than presents and food. This sermon, in particular, struck a chord with me this year as we navigate visiting Christian relatives with our impressionable two year…

  • Celebrations, DIY

    Sukkot 5792

    I made a lot of progress on our Sukkah last year, primarily because we replaced the brown tarps with custom-sewn white cloth walls (a gift from my parents). This year, I wanted…

  • Celebrations, DIY, Food

    Rosh Hashanah Table

    I’ve been planning this tablescape for a long time. I wanted to do a honey theme, but nothing too obvious. Everyone on Pinterest is using this theme for children’s birthday parties, and…

  • Celebrations, Food

    July 4th Hostess Gift

    With Eitan in a spica cast, July 4th as I planned was never going to happen. I envisioned my first foray into parve buttercream and an easy day at my parents’ house.…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Shavuot 5781

    I never know what to do for Shavuot! Especially without a trip to synagogue, the only thing I could think of was cheesecake. I decided to challenge myself and think about the…

  • Celebrations

    Rich’s Double Chai Birthday

    I’ve been trying to go more “all out” on birthdays lately. Partially due to Covid and partially due to having a child, I think celebrations are so important. At first, Rich’s 36th…

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