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Eitan turns 3!

I think this may be the last year I get to choose the theme. I also think this may be the last year we have a small crowd. I tried to enjoy both as much as possible, since I will miss them!

The bubble theme was inspired by a single Pinterest photo I saw. Unfortunately, it was difficult to come up with ideas since 1) bubbles are apparently not a common theme and 2) they’re mostly used for girls. After I got the creative juices flowing, however, I had a blast coming up with ideas.

I made “bubble boy” above using foam board, an exacto knife, and black spray paint. The ultra clear balloons were an Amazon order.

The “bubbles” on the cake and table are Christmas tree ornaments! The centerpiece was strung together with fishing wire, which was more difficult than it looked, and involved much cursing.

We also had a lot of fun outdoors with bubbles, although only the adults consented to being in an actual bubble!

I also really enjoyed putting touches around the house, such as this sign. It was exciting to make the whole house come alive for Eitan’s special day.

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