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    Sweet Potato Cupcakes

    We have a lot of sweet potatoes – jars and jars. Why would I buy jarred sweet potatoes? For the babe of course! About 2 weeks later, I found an article stating…

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    Homemade Hot Chocolate

    My little baby is now four and half months old! Although I haven’t reported it here yet, we had several troubles with his eating early on. One of the saddest was that…

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    Chocolate Halva Bark

    This is my first post as a new mom. I’m currently writing this at 8pm. Rich has already gone to sleep while I take the first shift of the night (the easy…

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    Chocolate Cake

    I tried a variation on this recipe to create a chocolate orange cake which worked well. I wanted to use orange because I made my Moroccan meatball tagine for Shabbat and I…

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    Shalach Manot 2019

    For my shalach manot this year, I decided on an Israel theme. Partially, this is because we are celebrating one year of taking Hebrew lessons. It is also because I wanted an…

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    Double Chocolate Torte

    For me, Thanksgiving is all about fall fruits. I love apples, pears, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash… in every course, from soup through dessert. This year being the first Rich and I have…

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    Plum Crumb

    Hannah’s not sure how she came across this recipe, but it is the perfect stone fruit dessert, especially for a meat meal. Because the fat (i.e. butter or margarine) is melted, you…

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    Mushroom Barley Soup

    This is one of Hannah’s mom’s go-to recipes for winter Shabbatot. It is also the perfect recipe for a cold night in the Sukkah. Even though it’s vegan, it’s very hearty. Rich, who had…

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    Apple Cake

    Hannah’s dad is the baker in the family, and he bakes this cake every Rosh Hashanah. It calls for 6 apples, which always turns out to be too many, but no one…

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