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    Kiddo Seder

    I’m planning early this year! Last year, I was really on top of kashering, but I wasn’t thrilled with how much we included Eitan in the seder. It’s really hard to have…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Mishloach Manot

    Purim is one of my favorite holidays. I love the silliness combined with the serious aspect of tzedakah and gifts for friends. I also love to choose a theme and run it…

  • DIY

    The Living Room Fireplace

    My only home goal for this Covid winter has already been accomplished! I had planned to re-face our living room fireplace for a while, and winter seemed like the perfect time to…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Jews on Christmas

    So what do we do??? Nothing is open. It’s not a holiday for us. Covid continues to prevent our eating out, and the idea of going into Brookline to get kosher Chinese…

  • Food

    Easy Tortilla Espanola

    We fell in love with tortilla espanola on our trip to Spain. However, whenever I tried to re-create it, I was confounded by the cooking methods. If you only use the stove…

  • DIY

    The Porch

    I just can’t keep still. Even during the height of Covid, I needed to keep working on something, to improve our home. The only place that is truly separate from the rest…

  • Food

    Hurray for Challah!

    I like to make my own challah and (BC*) I used to a lot. The problem was, it never really worked for me. The yeast kind-of bubbled in the warm water. The…

  • Arts & Crafts

    New Art for Eitan’s Room

    I saw some artwork and absolutely fell in love with the idea, but not the price. I also wanted the colors to be slightly different. Eitan has requested a blue room after…

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