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    Hurray for Challah!

    I like to make my own challah and (BC*) I used to a lot. The problem was, it never really worked for me. The yeast kind-of bubbled in the warm water. The…

  • Food

    Vegetable Feta Pie

    I love one pot meals. I love dairy meals, where I can get everything on PeaPod. I love puff pastry. I’ve been on the lookout for puff pastry recipes ever since I…

  • Celebrations, Food

    Multitasking Shabbat Cooking

    I love winter Shabbatot. I love starting Shabbat by playing with Eitan and not cooking at the last minute. That is because I don’t have time to cook and everything has to…

  • Food

    Noodle Kugel

    How many kugels do we need? Six? Seven?? Courtesy of Sh*t Frum Girls Say, we must always consider whether we have enough kugels for Shabbat. Of course, kugel quality has a broad…

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