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Multitasking Shabbat Cooking

I love winter Shabbatot. I love starting Shabbat by playing with Eitan and not cooking at the last minute. That is because I don’t have time to cook and everything has to be done in advance. I found the perfect marriage of dishes last week when I made paella for Friday night dinner and Shakshuka for Saturday lunch. I love Paella because it reheats so well. Shakshuka was more of a gamble for me, but we had it in Jerusalem for Shabbat breakfast so I figured I could heat it up on my hot plate just as well. And you know what? It was great!

My recipe for paella is a mish-mash of a bunch of online recipes and lots of experimenting. It is primarily based on this one from the NYT, and you can see it here. The only difference from last week is that I didn’t have canned tomatoes (well I did, but they were dented and I wasn’t running out to the grocery store during a pandemic). So I just left them out, but added a bit more water and chicken soup flavoring to ensure the rice cooked. ‘Naked Paella’ as we called it was pretty good! The shakshuka recipe is Torey Avi’s. I was able to make both of these, start to finish, and clean up in only two hours. I think that’s pretty great.

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