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Rosh Hashanah Table

I’ve been planning this tablescape for a long time. I wanted to do a honey theme, but nothing too obvious. Everyone on Pinterest is using this theme for children’s birthday parties, and everything was bright yellow and hexagonal. I settled on beeswax to get the point across. I also wanted greens and dark woods to tone everything down.

It’s pretty difficult to find wooden candleholders made in the USA at a reasonable price point. I ended up buying some unfinished ones from Woodpeckers, along with some napkin rings, and staining them at home. I finished them off with spray-poly. My one mistake was not staining the inside of the napkin rings. “Who cares?” I thought. Unfortunately, when you take the napkin rings off at the table it looks pretty unfinished. Oh well.

The other thing I learned is that you can’t actually burn a candle in a wooden candlestick. I found a great shop on Etsy that sources metal linings from the USA. Luckily, they fit perfectly! In hindsight, I should have put aluminum foil at the bottom of the candlestick as well. The insert only goes down about 1″ and there was some exposed wood on the bottom. It made for a very exciting evening!

The candles are plain beeswax from Mole Hollow. The yellow napkins were an Etsy find and the honey sticks I had from last year. The greenery was one of my best afloral purchases. I display it all the time in a vase, and I think it looks pretty good as a faux-garland here. And, of course, no Rosh Hashanah table is complete without Eitan’s handmade honey jar.

We also had honey cake from Onceuponachef. Excellent, even days later!

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