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Sukkot 5792

I made a lot of progress on our Sukkah last year, primarily because we replaced the brown tarps with custom-sewn white cloth walls (a gift from my parents). This year, I wanted to do a bit more targeted decorating. By that I mean I did not want to hang up a bunch of plastic fruit and call it a day.

My mom worked really hard on a Ushpizin sign for her Sukkah last year. She had it printed on a cloth flag. Although I loved the text, I wanted to display it differently. We ended up having it laser cut onto a piece of plywood. I sprayed it with several coats of poly to protect it during its 8 days of exposure.

I’ve been loving the botanical art trend lately, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it in my home. Unfortunately, finding a waterproof drawing of the 4 species in a lulav and etrog was impossible. I looked into custom work, but the prices were exorbitant. I ended up painting them myself! Although not professional, it was a labor of love. The only species I plan to redo for next year is the myrtle. I’m just not loving that one!

For the first time as an adult, I bought a lulav and etrog this year and the timing was perfect! Eitan loved to shake it and we had a lot of fun reciting the blessing every morning. Next year in shul?!

I couldn’t resist taking some pictures at night after we put it up. Doesn’t it look cozy?

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