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    Mishloach Manot

    Purim is one of my favorite holidays. I love the silliness combined with the serious aspect of tzedakah and gifts for friends. I also love to choose a theme and run it…

  • Arts & Crafts, Celebrations, Food

    Purim 2022/5782

    I’m posting this after Passover, which shows how crazy life has been. I so enjoyed designing these mishloach manot, however, that I wanted to be sure they were documented! I chose a…

  • Food

    Mishloach Manot 2020

    This year’s theme: babies! It took a bit of creative thinking and Rich’s help to put these together. I knew I had to have the candy baby pacifiers and some sort of…

  • Food

    Shalach Manot 2019

    For my shalach manot this year, I decided on an Israel theme. Partially, this is because we are celebrating one year of taking Hebrew lessons. It is also because I wanted an…

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