Eitan’s Room

We have a baby!!

The first exclamation point is sincere. The second is because someone might actually read this post. If you had asked me to write this a few weeks ago, the title would have been “ugh we have a baby who won’t sleep”.

So he still doesn’t sleep, but now we have systems in place. Plus I got a lot of sleep last night because my parents did the 9 pm to 2 am shift, so I’m writing this as a well rested new mom.

Anyway, babies both need lots of stuff and hardly anything. They only need a few onesies… once you figure out how to put on a diaper properly. They only need a few books… but you’ll want more for sanity’s sake. 

Decorating Eitan’s room was a bit difficult because I didn’t want to do it in advance of his birth (a Jewish custom) and he came early. We were really unprepared! However, we think it came out great in the end. The crib and rocking chair are new (grandparent gifts). The dresser was Hannah’s growing up, and we added birch handles to it. The changing table was surprisingly Hannah’s (and, earlier, her brother’s) when they were little, but Hannah’s dad made it absolutely amazing by installing custom made birch boxes on drawer slides. So that is our pimped-out family heirloom. The photo above it was purchased in Tel Aviv and shows children dancing in the Galilee.

We hope you enjoy the photos of this new room!

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