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    Baked French Toast

    I tried making baked French toast once before, for Mother’s Day 2012. It did not go well. Instead of laying the bread flat, I stacked the slices. The problem was, the egg…

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    Chocolate Cake

    I tried a variation on this recipe to create a chocolate orange cake which worked well. I wanted to use orange because I made my Moroccan meatball tagine for Shabbat and I…

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    Shalach Manot 2019

    For my shalach manot this year, I decided on an Israel theme. Partially, this is because we are celebrating one year of taking Hebrew lessons. It is also because I wanted an…

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    Turkey Shepard’s Pie

    With kosher ground turkey readily available at our local Sudbury Farms, I took some time researching recipes other than turkey burgers. This recipe was one of those finds. Keep in mind that while it…

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    Pasta with Cream Sauce

    This recipe is inspired by Ina Garten’s fettuccine with white truffle butter and mushrooms. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find kosher truffle butter and the actual quantity of butter required astounded me… and I…

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    Noodle Kugel

    How many kugels do we need? Six? Seven?? Courtesy of Sh*t Frum Girls Say, we must always consider whether we have enough kugels for Shabbat. Of course, kugel quality has a broad…

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    Moroccan Meatball Tagine

    In an effort to cut down on our beef consumption after reading “Kosher USA”, a culinary history book, I adapted this recipe for turkey from the kosher cookbook “Entrée to Judaism”. The…

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    Double Chocolate Torte

    For me, Thanksgiving is all about fall fruits. I love apples, pears, pumpkin, sweet potato, squash… in every course, from soup through dessert. This year being the first Rich and I have…

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    Plum Crumb

    Hannah’s not sure how she came across this recipe, but it is the perfect stone fruit dessert, especially for a meat meal. Because the fat (i.e. butter or margarine) is melted, you…

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