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    Eitan turns 3!

    I think this may be the last year I get to choose the theme. I also think this may be the last year we have a small crowd. I tried to enjoy…

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    The Seder Table

    I can honestly say I don’t like setting the seder table. There’s just too much stuff and I forget something every year. One year it was roasting the beitzah, which was very…

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    Vegetable Feta Pie

    I love one pot meals. I love dairy meals, where I can get everything on PeaPod. I love puff pastry. I’ve been on the lookout for puff pastry recipes ever since I…

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    Eitan Turns Two

    I have been planning this one for a while. It’s what I thought about at night instead of politics or pandemics. Needless to say if you know our Eitani, it was a…

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    This is My Sukkot

    Surprised that I’m posting about Sukkot during Chanukah? Me too! Sukkot is long gone, but one of the primary themes has remained in my thoughts: struggle. This is due to a sermon…

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